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by William Shakespeare
A hip hop performance by Q Brothers and Chicago Shakespeare Theater


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Sunday, May 6th, 7 P.M.
Nottara Theater, George Constantin Hall


A hip hop performance by Q Brothers and Chicago Shakespeare Theater



Writers / Composers / Directors: GQ & JQ

Presenter: John Leguizamo

Scenic design: Scott Adam Davis

Costume design: Christina Leinicke

Lighting design & Production manager: Keith A. Truax

Sound design: Dave Ferdinand/One Dream


The terrible story of Othello and Desdemona grows from the tragic flaw of the hero who calls his downfall from blind jealousy. Othello is not a helpless victim of fate, but his destruction is his own doing. The game of Truth-for-Lie and Lie-for-Truth envenoms love, plunges it into hatred, and it kills.

OTHELLO: THE REMIX is an 80-minute, exuberant spin on Shakespeare’s tragic tale proving that the Bard himself was the original master of rhythm and rhyme. Good storytellers borrow, but great ones steal.

Commissioned by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London and Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Winner of Best Lyrics and Best New Musical (MTM: UK Awards) at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Q Brothers’ add-RAP-tation of Shakespeare’s Othello is “a triumph from beginning to end.”


Duration: 1h 20 min (no intermission)