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by William Shakespeare
Produced by Nottara Theatre, Bucharest


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Friday, April 27th, 7 P.M.
Teatrul Nottara, Sala George Constantin


Leonato – Ion Haiduc / Cristian Şofron

Don Pedro – Gabriel Răuţă

Don John – Dani Popescu

Benedick - Cristian Nicolaie

Călugărul, un paracliser – Şerban Gomoi

Verges – Mircea Teodorescu

Un băiat – Nicolae Maican

Beatrice – Andreea Măcelaru Şofron

Margaret – Anca Bejenaru

Claudio – Lucian Ghimişi

Antonio – Ştefan Velniciuc

Balthazar – Vlad Gălăţianu

Borachio – Alexandru Mike Gheorghiu

Conrade – Bogdan Costea

Dogberry – Mihai Marinescu

Hero – Ioana Calotă

Ursula – Laura Anghel

O damă – Raluca Jugănaru Grosu / Alexandra Aga



Leonato, a respectable nobleman of Messina, lives next door to his beautiful and naive daughter, Hero, his clever niece, Beatrice, and her father, Antonio (his elder brother). Leonato prepares for special guests: Don Pedro, prince of Aragon, is returning from a victorious battle.

Amongst the attendants of his Highness there are two of his most precious soldiers: the brave Claudio and the clever, but smug Benedick.

This visit makes possible love at first sight between Hero and Claudio, and the family is planning for marriage. Whilst Benedick and Beatrice prefer to tease each other, the future bride and groom and Don Pedro play a trick that will have the two stubborn youths fall in love.

Joy fills Leonato's house, but Don John, the bastard brother of the prince of Aragon, thinks of revenge. Craving for his brother's throne, he devises a plan to cast Leonardo's family into dishonor and destroy the lovers' happiness. Will he succeed?

Direction: Diana Lupescu

Music: Călin Torsan, Silviu Fologea, Maria Balabaş

Scenography: Nina Brumuşilă

Translation: Dan Amedeo Lăzărescu

Choreography: Roxana Colceag, Florin Kevorchian


Duration: 2h 45min (with intermission)