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by William Shakespeare
A recital by Brett Brown from Sydney


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Thursday, May 3rd, 7.30 P.M.
Nottara Theater, George Constantin Hall


A recital by Brett Brown from Sydney

Direction: Philip Parr

With: Brett Brown


This is a one-man version of Henry V, usually considered England's great heroic king, as presented by Shakespeare across all four plays in which he appears.

We have been exploring the elements of character and situation and the personal journey represented by Henry's complex life. Shakespeare's audience being closer to the events of the play would certainly have drawn on their own historical understanding. However, we have found it impossible to ignore the various events and anniversaries that have taken place during the life of our project so far and we find ourselves reworking the play for every performance, as events move around us.

In particular, the British vote to exit the EU has played a big part in our thinking about Henry. How might he have voted – leave or remain?

It is a play about leadership and choices.

Shakespeare's timeless gift is that his words retain relevance for us in our time. Art's triumph is that it compels us to explore that relevance in our own time.