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The Dispute

by Pierre de Marivaux
Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest

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Sunday, 14 October, 6.15 pm
Nottara Theater, Horia Lovinescu Hall

by Pierre de Marivaux

Translated by Doru Mareș

Directed by Vlad Massaci

Set design by Iuliana Vîlsan

Choreography by Florin Fieroiu

Music design by Vlaicu Golcea

Cast: Isabela Neamțu, Zoltan Lovas, Călin Stanciu, Anca Bejenaru, Cecilia Donat, Alex Mărgineanu, Cristina Juncu, Răzvan Bănică

Running time: 1hr 20 mins

Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest and Ioan Slavici Classical Theater, Arad

Being a production about the quest to find oneself and the complexity of human relationships, The Dispute brings to the fore the need for thinking outside the box, and judging beyond stereotypes, patterns, and what is traditionally attributed to each gender.