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after Jean-Baptiste Molière and Mihail Bulgakov
Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest

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Friday, 12 October, 6.30 pm
Nottara Theater, Horia Lovinescu Hall


Happy Days reminds us of the infinite powers of the soul that can surpass dissapointments and failures, and of the capacity to view tomorrow as a new chance for love.

*for online tickets, you will be redirected to nottara.ro

Thursday, 18 October, 8.30 pm
Nottara Theater, George Constantin Hall

After Jean-Baptiste Molière and Mikhail Bulgakov

Script: Roman Feodori and Raluca Rădulescu (with the participation of Olga Topunova)

Translated and adapted by Raluca Rădulescu

Directed by Roman Feodori

Set design by Olga Nikitina

Choreography by Aleksandr Andriashkin,

Original music by Cári Tibor

Light design by Taras Mikhalevsky

Assistant director: Iulia Grigoriu

Cast: Șerban Gomoi, Rareș Andrici, Vlad Bălan, Răzvan Bănică, Dani Popescu, Crenguța Hariton, Cristina Juncu, Ada Navrot, Isabel Neamțu, Filip Ristovski, Mihaela Subțirică, Sorina Ștefănescu, Laura Vasiliu

Running time: 1hr 40 mins

Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest

Russian director Roman Feodori’s production renders an original portrait of Molière, the playwright who has become more famous than his Sun King. This is an opportunity to discover Molière’s unexpected modernity.