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Dawn Way

by Oleg Bogaev
Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest

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Sunday, 14 October, 9.00 pm
Nottara Theater, George Constantin Hall

by Oleg Bogaev

Translated by Elvira Rîmbu

Directed by Alexandru Maftei

Set design by Andrada Chiriac

Costumes by Brândușa Ioan

Music by Alexandru Suciu

Stage Movement by Arcadie Rusu

Cast: Arcadie Rusu, Lucian Pavel, Vali Pena,Ciprian Chiricheș / Cristian Ioniță, Adrian Văncică / Liviu Cheloiu, Bogdan Dumitrescu, Sorin Cociş, Ioana Calotă / Teodora Calagiu, Laura Anghel, Dana Voicu

Running time: 1hr 30 mins

Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest

We may not know it, but sometimes the unkown (person) in front of us is actually the voice of our conscience, a wake-up call in response to the lethargy and indiference we are wading in.