The Events Section includes a series of culturally relevant events: colloquia, debates, street events, theater book lauches, photo exhibitions, and a Czech Evening.

The In memoriam Section was included in the program in 2015. It pays tribute to great artists who have passed away. This year’s edition will give public recognition to the actors: Emil Hossu, Ṣtefan Radof, George Alexandru, and Corneliu Dan Borcia. 

The MULTI ART EXIT Section, previously known as the Penitentiaries Festival, will take place on 23 and 24 November. It has been a unique event of its kind in Europe for eight years. It is an educational program meant to contribute to the detainees’ social reinsertion by way of designing new relationships between the detention centers and Romanian society.  


The opening of the theater photography exhibition: From the stage to the exhibition hall

10/10/2016 16:00


10/10/2016 18:00

Book launches: Liviu Ciulei, Home and Abroad

11/10/2016 18:00

Book launches: Contemporary Czech Dramaturgy

12/10/2016 18:00

The Celebration
Written by Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov
Nottara Theatre

12/10/2016 21:15

COLLOQUIA Section: Family Crises

14/10/2016 11:00

COLLOQUIA Section: Freelancers vs Public Theater?

15/10/2016 11:00

FestiWedding with… Surprises

15/10/2016 16:00

The Opening of the Theater Photography Exhibition: FEST(IN) on the Boulevard 3rd edition – SNAPSHOTS

15/10/2016 17:45

IATC.RO Meetings SECTION: Second Edition

17/10/2016 11:00

Book launches: Book with The Red Cat

17/10/2016 18:00

Invitat special: Mihai Gâdea, director Antena 3
Nottara Theater, George Constantin Hall

18/10/2016 20:15

COLLOQUIA Section: How Expensive Is It to Live Normally?

20/10/2016 11:00

Festivalul Multiart pentru Deținuți

Teatrul Nottara

23/11/2016 19:00