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The Daydreamer

by Ian McEwan
Produced by The Youth Theater, Piatra Neamț

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Monday, 15 October, ora 6 pm
Odeon Theater, Studio Hall

by Ian McEwan

Translated by Dana Crăciun

A theatrical concert by Ada Milea

Set design by Alina Herescu

Drawings and Animation by Paul Mureșan

Cast: Emanuel Becheru, Corina Grigoraș, Nora Covali, Rareș Pîrlog, Gina Gulai, Maria Hibovski, Cătălina Ieșanu, Cătălina Bălălău, Andrei Merchea Zapotoțki, Dragoș Ionescu, Valentin Florea

Running time: 1hr

Produced by The Youth Theater, Piatra Neamț

It is a show about the need to let imagination run free. The Dreamer reminds us all about our capacity to dream, to listen to the childish voice within us, and to understand reality beyond its surface.