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Hamlet in Pickled Sauce

by Aldo Nicolaj
Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest

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Saturday, 20 October, 8 pm
Nottara Theater, George Constantin Hall

by Aldo Nicolaj

Translated by Carmen Velcu

Directed by Alexandru Jitea

Set design by Liliana Cenean

Cast: Gabriel Răuţă, Isabela Neamțu, Anca Dinicu / Oana Carmaciu, Vlad Bălan, Bogdan Costea, Luminiţa Erga, Răzvan Bănică, Filip Ristovski, Rareș Andrici, Adrian Edu, Corina Dragomir

Running time: 1hr 45 mins

Produced by Nottara Theater, Bucharest

The famous Shakespearian tragedy is (re)moved to the kitchen... Hamlet’s story is told from the cooks and servants’ perspective, while keeping an ironic distance from the big existential questions conveyed in the original play.