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Dear Teacher

by Ludmila Razumovskaia
Produced by the Municipal Theater, Baia Mare

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Sunday, 14 October, ora 9.30 pm
Țăndărică Theater, Great Hall

by Lyudmila Razumovskaya

Translated by Lia Crişan and Tudor Steriade

Directed by Andrei Măjeri

Set design by Irina Chirilă

Choreography by Raul Hotcaş

Cast: Inna Andriucă, Denisa Blag, Eduard Trifa, Andrei Dinu, Eduard Bîndiu

Running time: 1hr 25 mins

Produced by the Municipal Theater, Baia Mare


Rated PG 14

The classical conflict between good and evil is reflected in the teacher – student relation, a mental power game, where the border between truth and deception gets blurred.