Comedy boulevard

According to the latest IMAS survey, 70% of the Bucharest theater audience prefer comedies.It is for them that we have programmed seven highly successful productions in the Comedy Boulevard Section of the festival.

The shows in this section are:

Notenkraker or…The Fifth Season…
Written by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann
The Latin Race Music-hall Theater, Chiṣinău (The Republic of Moldova)

10/10/2016 18:15

Tango, Monsieur?
Written by Aldo Lo Castro
Nottara Theater, Bucharest

11/10/2016 18:15

I, Oblio
inspired by Harry Nilsson’s The Point, with lyrics by Gellu Naum and Ana Blandiana
Ṭăndărică Theater, Bucharest (Romania)

12/10/2016 21:00

The Murder of Gonzago
Written by Nedialko Iordanov
State Theater Constanṭa (Romania)

16/10/2016 18:00

Hotel PM
Script by Andrea Gavriliu
The German State Theater, Timiṣoara

17/10/2016 21:00

The Lourcine Street Affair
Written by Eugène Labiche
Ioan Slavici Classical Theater, Arad

18/10/2016 18:00

Jacques and His Master
Written by Milan Kundera
Maria Filotti Theater, Brăila

18/10/2016 21:00