Argument - FESTin pe Bulevard


  Theater: the Art of Communication

Why have we chosen the communication crisis, as the main theme of this year’s edition of Fest(in) on the Boulevard International Theater Festival? We have done so because, although theater is an art of communication, people often waste their skills and energy, engaging in sterile disputes that lack an artistic purpose. Although we live in a century of communications, we are getting more and more estranged and alone in our decisions. Although we possess the most efficient means of negotiation, we prefer SMS or press conference separations. Although the social networks are meant to bring us closer, they have managed to generate feuds. While constantly talking about the mass media freedom, we ignore the fact that it has enslaved us, and we even enjoy being manipulated. One of theater’s noble missions is to get involved in people’s lives, determine them to focus their attention on the social dysfunctions, ask questions, and maybe sometimes even provide answers.

Since its very inception, Fest(in) on the Boulevard’s purpose has been to reach most of the capital’s inhabitants, with its many “ingredients” for its fans and potential spectators alike: socially responsible productions, followed by Q&A’s, comedies, Nottara Theater’s premieres from the previous season, dance theater productions, concerts, street events, celebrations of cultural personalities, colloquia, public readings, exhibitions, commemorations of deceased artists, and even inmates’ theater productions. This enumeration is obviously random, as Nottara Theater’s autumnal event is a hopefully captivating cultural mix, meant to incite the inhabitants’ appetite for the season, which is thus glamorously opening.

Starting this year, our constant friendship with Mr. Emil Boroghinã, the founding Director of Craiova’s Shakespeare International Festival, and our partnership with the city’s Marin Sorescu National Theater have added a new section to our traditional program, which is titled Planet Shakespeare: Our Guest of Honor.

The public in Bucharest ought to bear in mind that our project has been made possible by the City Hall and the General Council of Bucharest. Therefore, let us thank them for the constant and generous support that theaters receive in Bucharest.

As you already know, we are looking forward to welcoming you to a rich Fest(in) Festival, full of all sorts of events, meant to please everyone!

Marinela Ţepuş

Festival Director