Press - FESTin pe Bulevard



Fest(in) on the Boulevard, 2nd edition, 2014


“Nottara Theater is organizing the second edition of the International Theater Festival Fest(in) on the Boulevard, between 11 and 18 October. There are many and diverse titles in the program. Talking about the events to take place during the festival, the director of Nottara Theater has pointed out that they are “both productions that will make you laugh with tears, and raw, powerful and philosophical productions; music, dance and…surprise: we will welcome you in the street with a glass of wine!” 

(Maria Sârbu,, October 2014)


"Sanda Vișan: Starting a festival really is an act of courage, especially in times like these, overburdened with the economic uncertainties of the post crisis period.  What made you start this festival a year ago and keep it going?

Marinela Țepuș: My zodiac sign is Scorpio, so my obstinacy always helps me get over many obstacles, especially when I am convinced that this may result in appreciation. And I’m talking here about the appreciation Nottara Theater deserves not from its audience (because it’s already got it), but from the theater professionals. Whoever they may be!”


S.V.:  You are inviting the spectators to a theatrical feast. Who has prepared the courses?

M.T.: I have worked with a team of old friends that has been built over time. Furthermore, I hope it will become indestructible. Most of us have collaborated with many festivals in Bucharest and nationwide. We have fulfillments, disappointments, illusions, hopes and memories in common. And most of the theater employees will join this team. Actually, everybody in the theater is working for this event to happen.

S.V.: How have you chosen the “courses” for the audience, in and off competition?

M.T.: We have tried to bring in productions and organize events fit for everybody. Cause it’s a feast, isn’t it? We have tried to hide the financial crisis, which is exhausting us, by selecting productions where laughter is king. The limelight, when professionally used, floods the décor and the actors with mystery and colors. We have paid attention to every detail.

(interview by Sanda Vișan,, October 2014)


“Two weeks before the important National Theater Festival that will start in Bucharest, all the Nottara people challenge everyone else by inviting them to an event which may be looked at as a reminder of the origins of theater. I’m not exactly thinking of Dionysus and his rites, considered to be at the origins of theater, but of this theater’s ardent desire to approach, provoke and include the street and all its life and characters.  (…) The Boulevard does seem to have a destiny, even if today the Fest(in) planned by the organizers looks like it’s going to be spick and span, with good comedies and topical issues, such as the crisis and the electoral matters. (…)

Our nightly theater occupies a special place this week, the name of which is Nottara Theater on Magheru Boulevard. An address which is worth remembering in order to take advantage of the offer at the second edition oa the International Festival Fest(in) on the Boulevard.”

(Doina Papp,, October 2014)