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Word of The General Mayor of Bucharest


Theater Should Feel at Home in Bucharest 

As a politician, a media personality and, with your permission, a cultivated person, I consider Theater to be the most refined form of free expression and dialogue within society. And comedy certainly possesses the sharpest tongue to express this beautiful declaration of liberty.

Comedy has never been defeated by anybody; even the toughest totalitarian regimes failed in this respect. Not even the most inhumane tyrants have succeeded in hushing the Shakespearian jester’s wise tongue-in-cheek discourse. Theater is, par excellence, the ultimate refuge, the undefeated redoubt of spiritual freedom, the most precious gift made to us by our Creator.

This is why, as a politician, I am interested in the destiny of the Romanian theater; as a media personality, I am fascinated by the forceful message of this art; and, most humbly, as a cultured person, I am glad when Theater finally comes home.

Last, but not least, as General Mayor of Bucharest, I will do my best to make Theater feel at home here, in Romania’s capital, during my mandate.

The fourth edition of the International Theater Festival FEST(IN) on the Boulevard significantly highlights Nottara Theater’s comeback in the spotlight, at its well-known location at 20 Magheru Boulevard.


Best of luck!


Gabriela Firea

General Mayor of Bucharest