The Word of the Minister of Culture - FESTin pe Bulevard

The Word of the Minister of Culture

Message from His Excellency the Minister of Culture and National Identity, Lucian Romaşcanu, For the Fifth Edition of FEST(in) on the Boulevard International Festival

Greeting any kind of crisis with a roar, as FESTin on the Boulevard has been doing for five editions, is an almost philosophical gesture. It is a cultural endeavor that is counting on vitality, joy, and art’s cathartic role in any society.  

Comedy is known to be effective in relaxing and entertaining, but it can also be mordant or treat the ailments both of the individual soul and whole social strata.

In these hasty times of ours, the organizers are proposing a comedy festival to counterbalance all these irrupting crises around us. This is an excellent way of using artistic means in order to serenely explore today’s society.

Thirty five productions originating from eight countries and three continents participate in this year’s edition, which is focusing on the Puberty and Adolescence Crises. They allow for our hope that theater will once again prove to be the adequate medium for bridging cultures and people, with the scope of better understanding each other.

May the festival live a long life, alongside its organizer, Nottara Theater that is celebrating its first 70 years! The artists of this prestigious cultural institution have enriched Romanian theater art and continue to bring joy to the new generations of theater devotees.


Lucian Romaşcanu,

Minister of Culture and National Identity