Argument - FESTin pe Bulevard


 Festin on three continents

Six years ago FEST(in) on the Boulevard International Theater Festival was designed as an event of the theaters that are financially supported by the City Hall and the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest. Scheduled for mid-October, it was meant to mark the opening of yet another theatrical season. It began as a rather timid attempt to offer the public a theatrical autumnal celebration, with productions and related events, reunited in several sections, each of which dealing with current matters. We have always been careful in designing the main sections as appropriate responses to the public’s expectations, be they good quality comedies, signed by prestigious directors (Comedy Boulevard), or the selection of a topical theme, illustrated with productions that deal with the economic, social, electoral, family, or language crises in the world we live in. This year the Crisis section focuses on adolescence.

In the beginning we invited small troupes from countries nearby (and not only): the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, and France. This year we have managed to bring to Bucharest troupes from three continents. Many come from Europe:  theaters from twelve Romanian cities: Bucharest, Timişoara, Sibiu, Cluj, Craiova, Constanţa, Brăila, Târgu-Mureş, Arad, Ploieşti, Târgovişte, Sfântu-Gheorghe; three theaters from Chişinău, the Republic of Moldova; a Berlin production (Germany); a Vratsa production (Bulgaria), and a Zagreb one (Croatia). From Asia comes a theater group from Seoul (South Korea), and from South America we have invited an Argentinean theater (from Buenos Aires).

The festival selectors ((Raluca Rădulescu, Narcisa Mocanu, Marinela Țepuș) have watched tens of productions and DVD’s, with the constant regret that the budget and timing of the festival are limited, thus leaving more troupes out of the schedule. We think that this year’s edition of the Festival initiated by Nottara Theater, with its thirty nine productions presented in twelve days, fourteen Q&A’s after the adolescence crisis productions, four colloquia, four book launches, two photo exhibitions, and an in memoriam event, has reached maturity, thanks to the constant City Hall and General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest’s support, and the traditional collaborations with the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, UNITER, and the theaters in Bucharest. I am thanking them all. All the cultural institutions that we have approached have agreed to collaborating with us, so that this year we will present theater productions and related events in seven Bucharest theaters: the two halls of Nottara, Ţăndăricăr, and Odeon Theater, NTB, ACT Theater, Balassi Hungarian Institute and Cărturești-Verona bookstore.

Our theater team, alongside other theater professionals made this ample event happen, in association with the 70 year anniversary of Nottara Theater’s uninterrupted activity. On this occasion we express our hope that all of those who have joined us and were mentioned above will do their best so that this theater will never be faced with the menace of suspending its activity with the public at 20, Magheru Blvd, and will continue to be one of Bucharest’s cultural brands.

We are all here, on the large boulevard, for You, our past, present, and future public.

Marinela Ţepuş,

Nottara Theater Manager